About Us

Shaping young minds with a Christ centered education


We at First Assembly Christian School believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. We believe salvation comes only through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and that all Christians should strive to live our lives in his image. Here at FACS we are dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing environment dedicated to spiritual and intellectual growth to developing upstanding Christian leaders of tomorrow. 

We offer Daycare, Pre-K, K-12, After School and Sonshine Club for summertime.

What is the FACS difference?


Our classes are small so our students get the one-on-one attention they need. Each of our students are constantly assessed and monitored for proper intervention for optimizing academic performance.  

What do parents and students say about FACS?


"My child couldn't read when she started 1st grade. The one-on-one attention given to her not only caught her up to her grade level, but she was on the AB honor role by the end of the year!"

"I love FACS! The teachers immediately notice if I am falling behind. They help me to learn difficult material before I get overwhelmed."